Sunday, 5 July 2009

Final pics

Graduation Day

Me and Irish Patrick

Graduation Dinner

The amazing demonstration

Lulu after class

An interesting way to spell Hannah

Me before teaching at Oceanside, San Diego (they have no mic so I had to shout extra loud...which wasn't hard for me!)

Me and Dom

Our certificates!

Liz and Bikram

Lulu waiting to take centre stage!

Rach and Simon digging in to the buffet

Liz, Dominic (Anna's boyf) and moi

Me and lovely Anna from Hawaii
Nelia, Me, Liz and Stan - all trainees (now teachers) from Spring 09
at Bikram Yoga, El Cajon
Liz having a well earned rest in Balboa Park

We drove through mountains to get to San Diego...the GPS (SatNav) went crazy!

5:30am before my first time teaching a proper class!

Liz before her first class (and lovely Wendy, the studio owner)

Lulu at Bikram Yoga, El Cajon -learning last minute dialogue before her first class there.

Our bed! We all slept together and it was lovely! No funny business.

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