Sunday, 5 July 2009

Advice for any future teacher trainees

For anyone reading this blog who is heading off to TT at the Desert Springs Resort soon...

  • If possible, take a microwave/blender/rice cooker/bowls/spoons or anything you want to cook with. A knife and chopping board will come in handy too.
  • Buy a water cooler or water bottle with a large opening (for class) so you can put ice in there. The desert is boiling.
  • Bring a camping chair or a floor seat, otherwise you’ll be sat on the floor for hours during posture clinic (or get to posture clinic early to get a wall spot!)
  • Prepare yourself for late nights (up til 5am sometimes watching movies). Sleep deprivation is part of the process. Just accept it and sleep when you can.
  • The hotel internet is about $12 a day. I used a cheaper alternative for $10 per month. Go to and this works in the hotel lobby.
  • There’s a Ralph’s and a Rite Aid opposite. A shuttle will take you to Trader Joes and the laundry mat at the weekend.
  • Keep hydrated. A pinch of sugar, salt and lemon juice in your water is great for electrolyte balance but Coconut Water and Kombuca are incredible for rehydration.
  • The hotel has a sushi bar downstairs - the seaweed salad is delish. The spa is also amazing. Save about $100 extra for a full body massage - it's incredible. Starbucks is also in the lobby.
  • LEARN as much dialogue as you can before you go. It’ll make your experience a lot more enjoyable and you’ll get more sleep.
  • I put on weight – not too sure if it was water retention or muscle mass but I’m slowly shrinking again. A lot of girls put on weight and most men lost weight.
  • Most importantly, enjoy it. It’s hard work but so much fun and you will meet some amazing people from all over the world. The friends you make at teacher training are the ones who carry you through til the end. They are the only ones who understand how you are feeling.


  1. thank you for these tips!!!

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