Saturday, 27 June 2009

Week 9 pics

Me and the Boss (at 2:30am)


Awkward Pose competition

Bikram and Craig Villani

Room Service for me and Rachel

Blue Day

Advanced Class...these guys are incredible

I love this posture

Juan and Bikram

The Swastika Pose. You close all the openings to keep all the energy inside...ha!

The advanced version of Head to Knee. You use your thigh strength to hold your leg up.

Me and Al from Florida

Liz giving Dom his thankyou present (Bikram is perched on the orange seat above)

Juan - who has amazing practise
Liz, trying to touch her head to feet

The boy yogi's of TT Spring '09

Rach, my practise buddy and fab teacher

Our T Shirts!

Emmy, Craig and Rajashree

Final Class - I paid homage to Bikram!

Me and Perfect Upside Down L Like Linda

Vivinenne, Simon and Moi

My yoga body...bigger all over - put on weight whilst here but it's mainly muscle

Caroline, Cathy, Adam, Simon and Me
Mark - who's on Staff. We used to live down the road from eachother in Southend! Small world.

Ballet vs Yoga



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