Friday, 12 June 2009

Week 7 pictures

Saturday night jam round the pool.

Me (trying not to show my triangle)

The official Group 12 photo...yes, I have a towel round my head.

Little Jon's practise is coming on nicely

Georgia from NYC

The lovely Anne Marie Bennstrom (aged 81)

Dominic and his shiny shorts

Bendy Hillary

Lecture on yoga benefits

Miss Kelsey

Posture clinic or Post coital?

Me, beautiful Vivienne and her yoga husband Simon

We're not looking bad considering it's week 7

Dr Choudary (no relation to Bikram) - during gynaecology lecture. Yes, he is pointing to the Vagina.

Visiting teachers...including Paul Gerrard (white tank) who trained with Rachel is fall '06 and was recommended for training by Libby. He sends his love.

Liz, Lulu and moi. We're all off to San Diego in a couple of weeks to teach our first class...and celebrate Independence Day.

How to do the perfect Triangle

Week 7 back bend
Our goal!
No lying down in posture clinic!!

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