Saturday, 20 June 2009

Week 8

I really wish I could say I’m feeling great after the penultimate week of training but I don’t. I’m weak and tired. However, I know it’s a phase and it’ll pass. I’m getting my hair done later so that should perk me up. I have to be grateful that we didn’t have to do a back to back class like I predicted last week. I think that would have killed me off!

Friday night ended with a talk from our lovely staff teachers - they got up on stage and told us about their first experience of teaching. It was so nice to hear from them all. Manali (Bikram’s niece) did the training last year in Acopulco. It makes me realise that becoming a teacher is a hard, challenging process for anyone – even Bikram’s family. The only way to become a teacher is to go through the 9 weeks of teacher training. There are no short cuts and it’s only now that I understand why. I have learned SO much over the past 2 months – about yoga, the postures, the reasons it works and also about myself as a person. I’ve had to adjust to so much and go beyond my boundaries. I’m quite a particular person and like things a certain way. Being here, sharing a room with someone, being told what to do and having to eat and drink to survive has really challenged me. However getting to the end of week 8 has made it all worth it. I know next week will be fun and I can see the finish line.

This week has been exhausting. My practise has been pretty weak. I’ve cried quite a bit but I’ve also laughed so much. Being in the yoga bubble is the most surreal experience – what am I mean’t to do with myself when I graduate? I literally have been doing the same thing every single day. I am excited though.

I have a book full of notes from this week. Had a fab lecture from senior teacher Lynn Whitlow on Friday afternoon. She’s a tough cookie and in the first few weeks I couldn’t really warm to her but now I actually think she’s great and pretty inspirational. She owned 4 Bikram studios in San Franscisco which were extremely successful. Her lecture was about the practicalities of being a teacher – the way we should dress, prepare for class and treat our students. I loved the pieces of advice she gave us.

One of the things Lynn addressed was the ‘heat’ issue of the yoga room. She believes that the room should be 105 degrees farenheit and 40 % humidity. Anything hotter is unnecessary – Bikram Yoga is not about who can survive the hottest room. The heat is there so that the body can access the energy and fat stores in the body and use them to re-energise you. If the room is so hot that everyone is sitting out postures then people are losing the benefit of being there. I think there’s a misconceived idea that Bikram Yoga is only for hardcore gym bunnies. Actually, it’s the safest place for anyone to work out as there’s virtually no chance of you injuring yourself because you’re in a warm room.

Things from Week 8;

Best day: Thursday. Finishing posture clinic after 6 weeks of study and then having a hot tub party.

Latest night: Wednesday – got to bed at 4:30am after watching another 4 episodes of the Mahabharat.

Realisation of the week: During a sit up, you don’t actually put your palms together when you put your arms over your head and cross your thumbs. You keep the palms flat (basically making a ‘Wackaday sign’).

I cried...about 10 times – mostly in Savasana.

Can’t come home.

Can’t believe...I’ve been here for 2 whole months.

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  1. Stumbled across this post whilst googling something else. Can I just say 'Wackaday' sign in sit up made me smile a lot - so true, it is isn't it, go Timmy Mallet! I'm teacher in Aus but grew up in the UK, if I said that in class here no one would have a clue what I was talking about! Maybe if I get to teach back in England I can drop it in :-)