Saturday, 23 May 2009

Week 4

Almost half way through! Monday was hell. Apart from that, this week has been incredible. I am surrounded by so many wonderful people from all over the world and we’re all here to do the same thing – to teach Bikram Yoga and ultimately make people feel good. I don’t mean that in an egotistical way at all. The more I understand the scientific reasons why the postures are so beneficial to the body, the more I want to teach people. It’s fascinating.

Anyway, back to me! I’m surprisingly good. We have teachers from all over the world visiting us who say that their training was a lot tougher in terms of the humidity and the living conditions. I have to say, the hotel is beautiful and I think the way things are organised has kept sickness and insanity to a minimum so far. It is extremely hard work though. Bikram has kept us up every night until at least 2.30am watching Bollywood movies. He says we should learn about spiritualism from India (and finance from America). Tuesday night, I didn’t get to bed until 4.30am. The birds were singing as I walked to my room.

My yoga practise has been fab and my back is still hanging in there. Friday night class, instead of final savasana we all got up and danced to Bikrams disco track. It was like being in Ibiza. So you could say that my spirits are high at the mo.

I’m getting a massage today at the Spa. Thank the lord Bikram Students get a discount. The prices are extortionate but my hamstrings are in bits. Posture clinics don’t help because you have to stand up and be a demonstrator for people as they recite their dialogue. I was in Standing Head to Knee for about 20 minutes on Wednesday night.

Highlights of the week...

Best class: Friday night with Lisa from Texas. We all had to say ‘ye-ha’ during the situps and had to do a speeded up Triangle, then got to dance like clowns at the end. Hilarious.

Best food: The heap of Green and Blacks mint chocolate sent to me by my lovely teacher Rachel. I am eating so much.

Best posture: This week my Triangle feels strong. It’s a great posture to help you breathe (as long as you stretch your arm and body up).

Most achy body part: Left hip and hamstrings. PAIN.

Best Bikram quote: Before the movie, “No lying down, no sleeping and definitely no silent-but -deadlies.”

The defining moment: When a teacher suggested that maybe the human journey should just be a celebration of life instead of a mission to make your mark in the world. So true.

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