Saturday, 9 May 2009

The first two weeks

Finally I get to write something! My first challenge has been to live without my computer for the last couple of weeks. Long story. Week 1 came and went. It was tiring, my back was sore and I was totally homesick but it seemed to glide by. The one thing I’m trying to deal with is the heat. It’s roasting from 7am until evening lectures. It’s unbearable sometimes and seems so cruel that we then have to go in to an even hotter yoga studio. Really struggle with the humidity some days. I haven’t walked out yet but I’ve wanted to so many times. A few people have fainted but the real drama will come in week 4...I had inside information that it will get extremely hot from then.

On the plus side, my practise is really good, especially the evening classes. My back really is sorting itself out and I have yoga to thank for that. I’m learning so much and understanding how yoga is essential for wellbeing. The spine controls everything – physical, mental, emotional. Yoga strenthens and realigns the spine hence less physical and mental problems. No other exercise does that. And it doesn’t matter how old or fit you are. The only thing that is important is that you go regularly.

Bikram took some time to get used to but he is amazing. He has so much energy and I love his classes. He sings, he dances and he calls people ‘chicken s**t’. But he’ll only say it if you’re doing the posture wrong or being lazy and I’m quickly learning that it’s for your own good because precision is everything. He does keep us up until 4am in the morning though. That’s the hardest part because it’s so tiring. Sleep deprivation is part of the process I’m told.

The whole ‘American’ way took some time to get used to. Everyone claps after everything. The classes, the lectures, the announcements, the toilet being flushed. It's a good way to keep energy up though.

In terms of how my body is coping, I’m getting pretty chunky– eating slightly more but most of it is water retention or something?! I constantly feel bloated, not too sure whether it’s too much salt, sugar or yoga! Any comments/suggestions on how to cure this would be appreciated. I don’t exactly want to go to the nurse with this problem.
Just want to stress again how incredible Bikram Yoga is. I’m learning why and although in time I will explain everything (in small stages), you just have to trust that it works. It strengthens your body and helps you to control your mind and they are the only two things that will bring you peace. I thought the hardest part of this would be the yoga but that’s the thing I look forward to the most and lifts my spirit. It makes me laugh and cry but when it’s over, I feel balanced again.

Quote that I heard today; It's not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. That's what yoga does - sculpts your body and brings your mind into the present moment so that you can do anything (just keep listening to the dialogue!).

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  1. thanks for the TT 09 updates! I'm hoping to make it there this fall!! Keep up the awesome work!