Saturday, 16 May 2009

Week 3

TFI Saturday! Another week done. Back is feeling fab. My body is tired. This week has felt like my first proper week of training. We’ve started posture clinics, where we take one posture at a time and we have to say the dialogue from start to finish. We have to memorise the script for it before hand, word for word. I did eagle last night. The feedback is generally the same – I need to stop using my hands so much when I talk! I feel for some people though as they get so nervous standing up in front of people. I’m so grateful my presenting work has prepared me for me this. Some people cry and one guy even got angry last night. I think the cracks are starting to show.

So the yoga is tough but good. Wednesday night was my best class yet. I’d never been so hot in my life but I had my new found friends around me and I was determined to not give up. A lot of the training is teaching you to be in control of your mind and not the other way round. By ignoring the niggling thoughts in your head telling you to get the hell out of the room, you can cope and as long as your conscious of breathing, you can carry on until the end and do every posture. It’s not easy and this week I’ve struggled but I am determined to master it. I love full locust when we’re all helping eachother lift our arms up. Usually I’d avoid touching other sweaty bodies but here it keeps the energy going.

The person who teaches the class makes a huge difference. Some are absolutely inspirational and can make me laugh and cry. Others are slightly irritating, especially when their stories go on for ages in between savasana. I understand they have a lot of passion and advice for us but when you’re struggling to just stay in the room, you just want them to get on with it! Dealing with this is yet another test for me though.

One last thing. Dr T. He’s teaching us anatomy and nutrition. He knows everything about keeping healthy – the secret is your diet. Food is a hugely important part of how you feel. He has so many interesting stories and he really knows what he’s talking about. He says Vitamin C is the most important thing for strong immunity. Sugar is the worst thing for immunity. If you have kids please read this. Glucose challenges phagocytes (which are our body’s defense against infection). By feeding infants glucose it severley hinders their immunity. This is why children get so many colds/ear and throat infections. Even apple juice can have a negative effect. Caffeine also works in the same way. Sorry for the lecture but I found this so interesting. I have so much information is spilling over onto this blog!!

OK – summary.

Things I love...parcels, letters and emails from back home. It is the most joyeous thing in the world.

Things that irritate me...people drinking in between postures. It’s rude and I hate the noise of ice cubes rattling in water. Not sure why.

Best picture painting in a posture...John Salvadore who says to imagine you’re a giant piss dispenser when you’re exhaling during pranayama breathing.

Best explanation of how to get a mind body connection. Jim. The only way is through the spine (CNS). This is why it’s so important to do yoga.

Food I’m craving...salt and vinegar anything. Dark chocolate. Pizza Express pizza and oranges.

Phrases that don’t make sense. English Bulldog determination (it’s BRITISH!), whole spine stretching like a pearls necklace (it’s not plural!).

Final special message: Happy 27th Birthday to my Harry. Love you, miss you, slf xxx

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