Saturday, 25 April 2009

I'm here!

Arrived yesterday in LA. Kinda scared but I think that's just because America is such a big place. Everything looks huge and I feel like one of The Borrowers. I'm really glad the journey has finally begun though. I start teacher training tomorrow so I'm travelling to Palm Springs later in preparation.

I've actually not been able to practise yoga for 2 weeks now. Something went wrong in my lower back and I've had to rest. My chiropractor sorted me out (never thought I'd need one of those to be honest). I'm a little apprehensive about going into the yoga room...what with not being for a while. But I've been told it's a marathon not a sprint so I'm going to pace myself (if Bikram lets me).

Right, off for a Big American Breakfast!


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  1. Hi Hannah! You followed my blog from teacher training fall 08, Acapulco. I'm going to follow yours too. What an adventure you're in for. Hang in there, you WILL do it and do it well! Remember my quote from senior teacher Jim from San Diego, "never, ever, ever, ever underestimate yourself!" Please look up my friend Susie McClagan from Bend, OR and tell her "hi" for me!